Road-loving fungi

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JeremyBrowne <Jeremy at> wrote:

>Does anyone have any tenable theories why certain fungi flourish by the sides 
>of roads, or even in the tarmacadam? 

>Also there are a number which gather alongside paths in the woods: why 
>there, almost to the exclusion of other locations?

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Some fungi "require" (or like one heck of a lot) disturbed soil.  The
side of a roadway is usually broken/clumped/clusters of dirt due to
the vibrations of traffic and expanding/contracting from temperature
changes.  The same goes for paths in the woods.  There is usually
broken soil beside these paths.  Agaricus augustus likes the
paths/roadways as well as Coprinus comatus.  I'm not saying that these
won't grow anywhere else, it's just that they are commonly found in
this kind of habitat.  

I am NOT a scientific guy; I just like picking/eating 'shrooms and
have spent time with David Arora on forays noticing these things.

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David Bartolotta

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