Red Mushroom in Manitoba

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Wed Sep 11 15:31:40 EST 1996


Just last week I was amazed to see Lobster mushrooms at a Grocery 
superstore in Fayettville, NY called Wegmans.
Price $19.99 per lb
I couldn't bring myself to buy them though... kind of takes the fun out 
of finding them in the wild!
(but I was tempted)

Ken Sanderson wrote:
> Hello all! I was recently on a trip to Manitoba and noticed a mushroom
> for sale in a market garden. It was called Red Mushroom and the lady
> working there could not tell me what it was except it was picked in the
> wild. To me it looked like a russula covered in Hypomyces lactifluorum
> (lobster mushroom), but the lady assured me it was not two mushrooms,
> just one.  As I have not seen this type of mushroom before I thought I
> would throw out a question for confirmation. Has anyone herd of the
> lobster mushroom being comercially harvested in Manitoba? Or anywhere? If
> so what prices do they get and how common are they?
> Ken Sanderson

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