PC Controlled Grow-Room Equipment?

David N. Gaines dgaines at vt.edu
Thu Sep 12 10:11:15 EST 1996

In article <50g597$pio at buffnet2.buffnet.net>, abates at buffnet.net says...
>I've been trying to find suppliers of PC controlled sensors and devices
>for growing rooms, i.e., humidity, CO2, soil & air temp., etc. anything 
>available out there that will fit a very small business budget?
>I've been following several discussions of this nature on various other
>groups, and thought it seemed like a good idea. Imagine being able to
>control a sealed environment through your PC. 
>Thanks for any help.


You might look into getting a data logger (Campbell Scientific, Inc., 
Model 21X).  This instrument allows simultaneous readings on as many as  
18 probes.  There are different kinds of probes made for the instrument 
which can read soil or air temperature, humidity, windspeed, etc.  These 
data loggers can be connected (interfaced) with a computer to provide 
storage of recorded data and graphic printout.   It might be possible to 
get an old IBM 286 (or slower) cheap, and use it as the brains of your 
beast.  You would certainly have to do some fancy programming to get the 
computer to respond to data logger input and send signals to 
environmental controllers, and this is beyond my realm.
Anyway, it was just a thought.


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