Chanterelles: what's the best way to preserve?

Thu Sep 12 06:29:54 EST 1996

David Bartolotta (david at wrote:
: williams at (Mycos) wrote:

: >So Chanterelles are infested with moggots on the east coast are they?
: >I'm from B.C. and I don't believe I've every seen a Chanty with a
: >moggot of any sort in them. Tee Hee heee. I once saw a larvae with a
: >paculiarly conspiratorial look on it face (?).  Naturally of course, I
: >had to kill it. Haven't seen one since. Go figure!

: Hmmm.  My thoughts are that the East Coast and West Coast Chanterelles
: are really different species.  The West Coast Chanterelles are mud
: encrusted at times with NO larvae on or in them.  The East Coast
: Chanterelles are very clean (no dirt) and loved by the local larvae.

That's my impression of the situation also, although the few chanterelles
I found in Colorado in August were infested by larvae.  However, they were
a bit beyond their prime.  The 80-90 pounds I found in the Mid-Atlantic
were generally infested (and, by past experience, usually are).  The most
productive month for chanterelles in this area is July when the
temperatures are in the 80s and 90s - good insect conditions. 

Buddy Kilpatrick

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