identity of tiny cantherellus?

David Bartolotta david at
Sun Sep 15 03:46:22 EST 1996

dayjay at (Dayjay) wrote:

>Fruiting in profusion currently, northern NY state, on a mossy log, on
>non-mossy parts of the log, and on the ground in mostly conifer forest
>(log is prob. conifer but not sure), is a tiny chanterelle, with the
>larger ones being one and a half inches tall, and the cap being three
>quarter inch diameter.   Many are smaller.  The undersurface of the cap is
>orange yellow, and the stalk is simlar  color but more orange.  The stalk
>is hollow.  The top of the cap is brown (like a yellow- brown).  Some caps
>have a central perforation.  The stalks are hollow.  What is it and is it
>edible?  Thank you in advance, Jayne.

Cantharellus infundibuliformis, sometimes called Cantharellus
tubaeformis, or Funnel Chanterelle, or Yellow Foot.  A very tasty
chanterelle, though not as "toothsome" as the C. cibarius.  Arora says
it is found: "On ground, moss, or rotten wood in wet conifer forests
or bogs, often in large numbers".



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