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John Pitkin JPITKIN at MSU.EDU
Tue Sep 17 18:47:25 EST 1996

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> I am starting a project on RAPD analysis of a saprophytic fungus.  I have 
> looked at a number of methods for the isolation of DNA from fungi and would 
> greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has had experience in this field.  
> Which method is the quickest yet still gives genomic DNA of a quality which 
> can be used for PCR?
> Thanks, Roger Collin

We use a CTAB extraction method for DNA isolation Cochliobolus carbonum. 
This method has also been tested with several other filamentous fungi. We
routinely use DNA isolated this way for PCR.  I posted the technique
several months ago, and it can also be found in  Pitkin et al,
Microbiology v.142 pp.1557-1565.

John Pitkin
MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory
Michigan State University

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