Toxicicity Symptoms in Dogs?

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Wed Sep 18 18:55:05 EST 1996

One of our dogs died last week, suddenly. She had serious gastric difficulties, rapid respiration, a moderate fever, vomiting, and 
died of severe hemmoraging. This in an otherwise healthy dog who was never allowed to wander. We keep no poisons in the 
house or yard. However, because of the wet summer, we have a lot of mushrooms growing that never grew here before 
(Nantucket Island). Due to the fact that we have 3 other dogs, I would like to know if these symptoms sound possible from 
ingesting a mushroom (whatever happened was quite powerful to kill an 85 lb dog that quickly), if there is any remedy we could 
keep around, and what we can do to discourage the growth of these mushrooms in the areas inside the dogs' fence. We had a 
necropsy done and there was nothing visibly wrong with her.

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