Source of inexpensive Air flow hood

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at
Fri Sep 20 23:29:01 EST 1996

The text portion of this and a couple of other techniques is available in
the search-by-subject page of FUNGUS (search "hood" or similar terms) at:

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Randy Mshr  <randymshr at> wrote:

>Regarding an inexpensive Laminar-flow hood:
>If you're into a little DIY action, there was a very thorough article in
>the May/June issue of Brewing Techniques magazine describing how to put
>one together for under $100.
>You can probably locate a copy of the issue through your local homebrew
>shop, or by calling Brewing Techniques at 503-687-2993.
>Good Luck.
>--Randy Mosher

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