Help Identifying Mushroom

jsflynn at jsflynn at
Sat Sep 21 09:12:58 EST 1996

On 20 Sep 1996 09:11:12 GMT, Berlant at wrote:

>I recently found growing in my yard a very noxious looking mushroom with a 
>pink head that was covered by regularly spaced black studs.
>Can anyone identify it for me based on this description.
>My thanks in advance.
>Steve Berlant

If it's still available, take a picture, even  a poloroid would do,
try to get a closeup though,  then find someone to scan it and post
the file as a binary.  Then we might be able to help.  Other than that
the only thing that comes to mind is a stinkhorn but I don't know one
that fits that description.


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