Are Deuteromycetes Universally Amylolytic?

Eric Robb Siegel esiegel at UNIX1.SNCC.LSU.EDU
Sun Sep 22 18:50:45 EST 1996

They shouldn't be *universally* amylolytic, but there should be many that 
do as you describe.  What species have you tried?

By the way, if they're making iodine-stainable zones in "plain Agar", 
presumably meaning just plates poured with agar autoclaved in tapwater or 
distilled water, that might mean that they are *manufacturing* and 
*excreting* amyloid or dextrinoid material into the medium, not degrading 

What color does iodine stain a water-agar plate?  What else does iodine 

On 22 Sep 1996, Ribosome96 wrote:

> In my research works, I observed that Deuteromycetes are capable of 
> degrading  starch or  enriched agar( without carbohydrate source) to a
> certain extent to dextrins or other intermediates or completely
> transforming it to simple sugars. Even by just growing them in  plain Agar
> they create zones with iodine. Can anyone support this? 
> Research Consultant

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