Mycological Schools

David N. Gaines dgaines at
Tue Sep 24 09:23:34 EST 1996

In article <51rivh$mel at>, williams at says...
>Does anyone know of the presence of a school or some such institute
>that teaches mycology specifically wiyhout the requirement of a
>Masters or other biology degree as a prerequisite background?


Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, has a mycology section within their 
Biology Department. A person could get a graduate degree in mycology if 
accepted into the program.  There is also an undergraduate level course 
in mycology offered and they use David Arora's book as the text.  The 
professor in charge of the mycology section is none other than Orson K. 
Miller, author of several important mycological texts such as Mushrooms 
of North America.


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