picnidiophora/zopsiella/lactophenol cotton blue

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At 03:21 PM 9/25/96 -0700, you wrote:
>has anyone heard of the genera picnidiophora and/or zopsiella?
>or where i can get some lactophenol cotton blue?
>i would really appreciate anybody's input.
>thank you,
>l. motil

I Found in: The Genera of Fungi Sporulating in Pure Culture by J.A. Von Arx.
1981 J. Cramer. Germany. (very good book by the way)

Pycnidiophora Clum - Mycologia 47:899. 1955 = Westerdykella Stolk - Trans.
Br mycol. soc 38:419 .1955
has a anamorph wich is Phoma like. Some people believe is a separate genus
from Westerdykella because of it ascospores been smooth.

got this from a book...I am no expert in the genus

In the same book

Zopfiella Winter in Rabenh = Tripterospora Cain - Can. J. Bot. 34:700. 1956
. Several species 10 or more

I do not know the current taxonomic status of either one species, and I am
no expert in either one ,nor I have seen them, except for the nice line
drawings in Von Arx book.Lactophenol can be obtained from several companies
premade like Remel, BBL and many others, But if you want a to make it in
house I will send you the formula, just e mail me. Hope this helps


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