mushrooms from china town

David W Klieman username at WHIDBEY.NET
Thu Sep 26 01:11:06 EST 1996

 have never heard of a cloud ear fungus, but I have only been studying =
mushrooms for about two years now and most of all on wild edibles. I do =
know, however, that the overall posture of the mushrooms that I am =
asking about are more round than ear shaped as the name may suggest, of =
course I am  assuming the shape here. The mushrooms are about the =
texture of chicken gizzards or sort of a rubbery texture and are =
slightly translucent looking when reconstituted. The high grade =
consolidated ones take about four hours to reconstitute without the use =
of a microwave. I suppose your right, they could be a higher grade =
shiitake. They do have a very strong odor as the shiitake and a tough =
stem in most of the ones I have had. One merchant thought they came from =
Asia or Korea. One of the companies that sells them is out of Vancouver =
B.C. and is called Kiu Shun Trading Co. LTD.=20

Thanks Andrew Kubersky for your reply!=20

If anyone else has any conformation to what Andrew is suggesting please =
respond. Thanks in advance.=20

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