picnidiophora/zopsiella/lactophenol cotton blue

Robert Lejeune rlejeune at vnet3.vub.ac.be
Thu Sep 26 11:41:02 EST 1996

lori and john <johnd at sd.znet.com> wrote in article
<3249B05B.4F27 at sd.znet.com>...
> hi,
> has anyone heard of the genera picnidiophora and/or zopsiella?
> or where i can get some lactophenol cotton blue?
> i would really appreciate anybody's input.

Never heard of the genera, but lactophenol can be ordered from Merck (no
relationship etc.). If I remember correctly, the cotton blue has been
replaced by a less dangerous dye.

Hope this helps

Robert Lejeune

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