Fwd: Are Deuteromycetes Universally Amylolytic?

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RE: Why deuteromycetes?

Reply: I did my research in the mid '80's and I have this phenomenon with
the agar and the fungi known as deuteromycetes at that time. A few
deuteromycetes have been discovered to have sexual stages in the
ascomycete group. But taxonomically speaking the deuteromycetes during my
time is still the asexual types and they form a group among themselves(the
Imperfect Ones).
now  there is one who claimed that deuteros are ascos, another claimed
that deuteros can be an ascos, zygomy or a basidiomy... basing on their
anatomical similarities or probably phenotypic char. -Well I haven't
really saw the scientific papers on this but it is worth knowing that
deuteros are now having a classified position of their own, narrowing the

So It is clear now to everybody why I used deuteromycetes. 

Res. Consultant

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