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"David Brayford ", IMI D.BRAYFORD at cabi.org
Mon Sep 30 04:17:24 EST 1996

Check out your BMS Newsletter August 96, pages 10-11, under BMS Day Forays. 
 There is one at Norbury Park, Dorking, on 12 October and another at Windsor 
Great Park on 19 October.  Specimens from the latter foray are brought back 
here to IMI for examination.  If you have mislaid your Newsletter, details 
of both forays may be obtained from Ernest Emmett on 01428-644 392.

Dave Brayford
International Mycological Institute
Egham, Surrey, UK
d.brayford at cabi.org

To: mycology
Subject: Looking for Advice
Date: 28 September 1996 3:47

I have had an interest in fungi for a number of years now which began
when I lived in the New Forest. I have since moved to Surrey in England
and wish to continue my interest. I could welcome some advice on...   

 1. Any good areas in Surrey that might be worth visiting with fungi in
    mind ?     
 2. I do not seem to be able to find any active foray groups in the
    Surrey area. Whilst I am very keen and indeed making progress with my  
    identification skills, I feel that it would assist me greatly if an
    expert showed me the differences rather than having to work my way
    (sometime unsuccessfully) through the books etc.

      Any thoughts on how best to improve my skills and interest ?    

P.S. I am an associate member of the British Mycological Society but they
list few, if any, activities in the Surrey area unless I am missing them

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