Spent grains as growth media

Randy Nessler rnessler at emiris.iaf.uiowa.edu
Tue Apr 1 17:42:41 EST 1997

Hi Everyone,
	I've been told that the waste grains used to brew beer are a good
growth media for mushrooms.  The only problem is, the person didn't give
me all the details.  There was some mention of salts added, but other
than that, I don't know what it entails.  I am an extreme neophyte to
mushroom cultivation.  What variety of mushrooms (legal ones) would be
good to grow in this fashion?  Suggested books?
	I attended a talk by Gunter Pauli, and the topic is highlighted at
http://www.zeri.org/  FYI
	Thanks in advance,
Randy Nessler rnessler at emiris.iaf.uiowa.edu
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