Flowerlike fungi

Moselio Schaechter mschaech at SUNSTROKE.SDSU.EDU
Wed Apr 2 11:47:18 EST 1997

At 4:56 AM 4/2/97, Peter Hasker wrote:
>Are there macrofungi that have the appearance of a flower?
>Peter Hasker
>haskerp at dpi.qld.gov.au

Emphatically, yes.  Many of the Phallales have a flower-like appearance.
In German, the Phalalles are called "Pilzblumen", mushroom flowers.  In
1895, Alfred Moeller wrote a book entitled "Brazilische Pizblumen".  I have
seen the term used in recent German books as well.  It would be interesting
to know if such an appellation is used in other languages. Does anyone

Elio Schaechter

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