1997 Morels found

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Thu Apr 3 20:57:47 EST 1997

> Mara Linaberger (linaberg at OBERON.PPS.PGH.PA.US) wrote:
> : >
> : > Interesting. Here in Southwestern Virginia, folks call them "Merkles", an
> : > aberation of Miracles, I think.
> : I've also heard them called merkles in  Western PA.  My understanding is
> : that this name is the German word for morel, so the folks who you hear
> : using this name, may be of German decent.
> : I'm still waiting here in western PA!....about 2-3 more weeks to go.
> : -Mara
> Found 3 in Arlington, VA this morning.  They are on their way!
> --
> Buddy Kilpatrick
Oh you lucky dog you 8-;
I really want to go to my local "spot" but I'm sure the soil is still
about frozen and the mandrake wont be up yet.  The wife and I just
drove  to Michigan from the Fla. Keys about a week ago and when they
(her sister came with us) woke me up at The Cracker Barrel in Perry Ga.
they had to just about tie me up to keep me from finding the nearest
state land.  The ornamental apple trees it the parking lot were in
flower.  I'd swear I could smell the wily M. esculenta.

I've heard that they call 'um "hobbies"  <Ho Bees> in Wisconsin?? 
Perhaps that's for all mushrooms???

Anyway, I'm near Detroit and am just itching to go out.  Gonna go to
Boyne this year and maybe to the U.P. with the Michigan Mushroom Hunters
Club.  Someone worked it out so we can go to some University of Michigan

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