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Mon Apr 14 20:29:58 EST 1997

I didn't see the report but have fielded questions on it.  The mold that
has been suggested is Stachybotrys chartarum, (used to be S. atra).  It is
well known as a mycotoxin producer the toxins including several that are
trichothecenes.   The following is taken from the MMWR at

MWR Weekly Report --- Preview / First Paragraphs

January 17, 1997 / Vol. 46 / No. 2

Update: Pulmonary Hemorrhage/Hemosiderosis Among Infants

In November 1994, private physicians and public health officials in
Cleveland, Ohio, and CDC reported a cluster of eight cases of acute
pulmonary hemorrhage/ hemosiderosis that had occurred during January
1993--November 1994 among infants in one area of the city. Two additional
cases were identified in December 1994. All 10 infants lived within seven
contiguous postal tracts in
eastern metropolitan Cleveland. Pulmonary hemorrhages recurred in five of
the infants after they returned to their homes shortly after hospital
discharge; one infant died as a result of pulmonary hemorrhage. This
report summarizes the findings of the follow-up investigation, including a
case-control study and an assessment by the county coroner of cases of
infant death. These findings documented an association between acute
pulmonary hemorrhage/hemosiderosis in this cluster of cases and mold
growth in their water-damaged homes. 


In article <334D5F81.4C78 at>, mk <mk at> wrote:

> Did anyone see the Primetime special last night about the babies being 
> affected by the molds growing in basements in the Cleveland area?
> I am particularly interested in the name of the mold that released the 
> toxins and were harmful to the babies.
> Please if anyone knows the name of this mold place it on the newsgroup.

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