Soil fungi

Chris Wright Wrightc2 at
Thu Apr 17 18:38:26 EST 1997

David Hagerberg <mik_daha at> wrote:
>I'm working with different fungi associated with the rhizosphere. I want
>to know wether anybody has any suggestion how to see or detect their
>status and actions in the soil.
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I would recommend a community DNA extraction with subsequent probing for various groups. I am currently working out a protocol for fungal DNA extraction from soil and will be happy to forward a copy when (and if!) it is optimized.  As for the activity, if you have some specific function in mind, you might look for RNA transcripts.  This method was used by Bogan et al to detect expression of lignin peroxidase activity in soil (see Applied Environmental Microbiology 62:3697-3703).

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