Marine Fungi

Sarah Gardiner s.gardiner at
Thu Apr 17 01:16:24 EST 1997

I am a Marine Microbiologist at the Australian Institute of Marine
Science, isolating fungi from Australasian waters.  I would like to hear
from anyone working with marine fungi, or with an interest in the topic.
The fungi that I collect will be included in our culture collection, and
are destined for screening for pharmeucuetical potential.

Currnetly I have over 500 isolates, with many coming from the Great
Barrier Reef.  I am intersted in improving my taxonomic skills and
collection techniques.

At the moment I am preparing to sequence some selected isolates, and
compare sequences with terrestrial strains.

I look forward to hearing from anyone in the field.  My direct e-mail
address is s.gardiner at


Sarah Gardiner.

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