lysing of hypha

Chris Wright Wrightc2 at
Thu Apr 17 18:46:13 EST 1997

If you are going for a DNA extraction from a pure culture, why don't you 
lyophilize and grind the hyphae in liquid nitrogen?  There are numerous 
protocols for DNA extraction which will take it from there.

                      Good luck,

David Hagerberg <mik_daha at> wrote:
>I'm going to purify DNA out of hyphi from an extremely troublesome 
>fungus, Drechmeria coniospora. Nothing seems to work. Now, I want to 
>degrade the hyphal cell walls before lysing the hyphi. Do anyone have a 
>protocoll for cell wall degradation that leaves the hyphi intact or is it 
>better to lyse the hyphi at same time as the cell wall?
>Best Regards

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