Morels in Northern Illinois

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Wed Apr 23 01:45:48 EST 1997

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John Jack) Murphy (jmurphy at TFM.FMNH.ORG) writes:
> Dear fellow mycologists;
>         Last night I dreamed of collecting three Morchella esculenta.  Does
> that count?
> respectfully submitted,
> Jack

Sounds good to me Jack... I dreamed about morels last night, too... so
vividly that I went out to check my most reliable morel spot before work
this afternoon.  None yet... but was saddened to see the someone in their
infinite wisdom has put a "snowmobile" trail right through the spot....
but it appears to be used far more by those four wheel things that tear up
the soil.  Am concerned about how edible these morels will be if they even
grow this year... any thoughts?

Getting the butter nad skillet ready just in case.... <G>


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