Morels in Northern Illinois

Eric Grunden egrunden at
Wed Apr 23 00:03:46 EST 1997

In a previous article, jmurphy at TFM.FMNH.ORG (John Jack) Murphy) says:

>Dear fellow mycologists;
>        Last night I dreamed of collecting three Morchella esculenta.  Does
>that count?


I find that very interesting because for many years, I've used
morel dreams as a cue that it's "time".  I only seem to dream
about them at the right time (and I haven't yet). 

No, I'm not a psychic or anything like that, and I'm not a 
big proponent of the paranormal, but I have had these dreams
at the right time in the past (probably just subconscious
yearnings for morels, or something). Kinda weird.

The Spirit of Nature, a powerful force,
	belongs and returns to its creative source.
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