Morels in Northern Illinois

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Wed Apr 23 20:54:55 EST 1997

John (Jack) Murphy wrote:
> Dear fellow mycologists;
>         Last night I dreamed of collecting three Morchella esculenta.  Does
> that count?
> respectfully submitted,
> Jack
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I had that dream again, the one I have this time of year.
I've been out looking for morels for most of the morning with no luck. 
The sun is getting higher in the sky and I starting to get really hot. 
I stop to take a layer off and sit down and rest for a few, as I lean
back against a tree I'm surprised by how cool it feels.  I close my eyes
for just a moment when I'm startled by a stream of water hitting me in
the face.  Well I bolt up and there in front of me is the biggest morel
I've ever seen!  It must stand 20 feet high with a buttresed stalk like
a cypress tree.

Well, the next thing I know I'm in my bed, my pillow is wet and I guess
I've just swated the cat from the bed 'cause she's on the bedroom floor
looking up at me with this not to pleased expresion on her face.

Guess it's time to change the cat box... =:o  perhaps the cat.

Well I just got back from a local spot in Southeast Michigan and I think
we are still a week away from blacks.  No May apple up yet just some
Vinca minor and wild strawberry and not much of that.  What we need now
is some good rains overnight and for it to warm the heck up a little. 
It's only been in the upper 30's at night for awhile now.  Daily highs
are in the upper 50's.

Hope you don't mind the theft of that story Tom.  Was it your's?  I
think I saw it on your page last year, or maybe it was two years ago.

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