Morels in Northern Illinois

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Wed Apr 23 23:43:57 EST 1997

Vicki Latta wrote:
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> John Jack) Murphy (jmurphy at TFM.FMNH.ORG) writes:
> > Dear fellow mycologists;
> >         Last night I dreamed of collecting three Morchella esculenta.  Does
> > that count?
> >
> > respectfully submitted,
> >
> > Jack
> Sounds good to me Jack... I dreamed about morels last night, too... so
> vividly that I went out to check my most reliable morel spot before work
> this afternoon.  None yet... but was saddened to see the someone in their
> infinite wisdom has put a "snowmobile" trail right through the spot....
> but it appears to be used far more by those four wheel things that tear up
> the soil.  Am concerned about how edible these morels will be if they even
> grow this year... any thoughts?
> Getting the butter nad skillet ready just in case.... <G>
> vicki
Vicki: morels are known for favoring disturbed ground. could be the
snowmobile trail might actually help.

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