Soil fungi

David Hagerberg mik_daha at
Thu Apr 24 10:20:06 EST 1997

K N and P J Harris wrote:
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> > From: David Hagerberg <mik_daha at>
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> > I'm working with different fungi associated with the rhizosphere. I
> want
> > to know wether anybody has any suggestion how to see or detect their
> > status and actions in the soil.
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> > Best Regards!
> There are saprophytes, soil borne plant pathogens and the group you
> simply must cover which are the mycorrhizae. These form symbiotic
> associations with MOST plants and can be vital to the survival of the
> plant.
> Any study of plants which ignores the mycorrhizae is a study of an
> artifact. (A slogan lifted from the BEG organisation at the University
> of Kent at Canterbury, U.K. with which I completely agree).
> Peter Harris,
> Department of Soil Science,
> The University of Reading, U.K.
> AKA <P.J.Harris at>
> Thank you for your attention!

Now how do you study mycorrhizae directly in the soil?

Best Regards!

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