Care and Feeding of A. campestris

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Mon Apr 28 11:01:43 EST 1997


  I have been lurking on this newsgroup as well as the FUNGUS archive and
have picked up lots of great info on mushroom culture.	My thanks to all
who have contributed!  We have begun to grow some of our own mushrooms
and it's been a very interesting project so far.

  However, now I have a new interest - this weekend I discovered a small
fairy ring of Agaricus campestris in our backyard.  I know from my field
guides that the mycellium is perennial, so I would like to gently
'encourage it' as much as I can.  I am using several ideas gleaned from
this group and others to try to seed other areas of our yard with this
species, but I would also appreciate some pointers on caring for the
'mother' colony.

These ideas already came to mind...

  1.  Water during times of drought (we live in north central Texas so
this happens quite often, even in the winter...)

  2.  Regular fertilization of the grass in that area with ground compost
and dehydrated steer manure (we'd like to keep our lawn as organic as
possible - especially now when it looks as if we might be regularly
eating something grown in it.)

  3.  Continue to leave our grass clippings on the ground and not bag

  Can anyone else with a 'pet' meadow mushroom fairy ring give me some
more ideas?


Teresa May

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