They're here!! (in central IL)

Berlstein berlstein at
Mon Apr 28 11:51:38 EST 1997

David Fischer writes-
"If you let the "deliciosa" grow, they will become esculenta... they are
merely immature M. esculentas!"

Jim Responds:
   I disagree completely.  Not only do the yellowish esculentas look
different then the light deliciosas at all ages and stages, but
additionally the deliciosas have a different flavor (superior, in my
opinion).  Of course, this is only my opinion, and I would not be so
arrogant as to propose that my opinion was undisputable scientific fact. 
As I observe morels more and more, I think there are more species around
than are currently recognized.

"Those who have nothing to say usually say it about spelling."
-Jim Berlstein, BFD

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