a morel problem?

John S. Watson - FSC watson at george.arc.nasa.gov
Mon Apr 28 11:16:25 EST 1997

I was in this produce store near Stanford yesterday (4/27/97)
that sells a wide variety of mushrooms, so I decide to see
what they were selling.

One was "morels" for $29 a pound.

So I look at them, and even though it was the first time 
I've ever seen one, they were not 
anything of the Morchella species (I've seen plenty of those), 
but were Verpa bohemica, or "early morel" in Arora's book.

So it got me wondering, is it OK to sell early morels as morels?
Do the stores selling wild mushrooms even know what they're selling?
Is there any organization that is suppsed to checks up on  these

Makes me wonder about buying "wild" mushrooms  from other
places, when they are dried and  sliced, 
so you can't even determine the species.

I used to think buying from stores was the safe
way to try out new mushrooms.  But now?  Yikes!

John S. Watson
NASA Ames Research Center
watson at george.arc.nasa.gov


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