Looking for fungal mobo postdoc

Maura Joan Meade meade at unity.ncsu.edu
Fri Aug 1 15:14:42 EST 1997

I am currently putting the finishing touches on my Ph.D. research and 
expect to graduate officially in December, 1997.  My MS work involved the 
physical and chemical characterization of bacterial polysaccharides as 
well as microbial physiology.  For my Ph.D. research I've been working on 
the molecular characterization of the biosynthetic pathway of a fungal 
toxin, cercosporin.  The work involves molecular genetics, biochemistry 
and fungal physiology as well as infection studies.  Most of my research 
experience is broadly applicable to problems in environmental, medical, 
agricultural, and industrial areas.

I am seeking a postdoctoral research position or teaching position in or 
around Erie, PA.  My search area includes Erie, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, 
Buffalo, and all places in between.  My resume, publications, 
recommendations, and professional portfolio are available upon request.

Maura Meade

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