Mycology and Microscopes

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Tue Aug 5 22:55:09 EST 1997

Basidium wrote:
> >Can anyone here please give advice regarding good books on the study > >of basidiomycetes using light microscopes. Thanks!
> "How to Identify Mushrooms to Genus" Volume (III?) is an excellent
> treatise, presuming that you are referring to the use of microscopy as > a taxonomic tool. It is published by Mad River Press; contact Dave 
> Largent at <largentd at>


Thank you for the information.  I received a complete set of _How to
Identify Mushrooms to Genus_ today which included the book you reference
to above. 

I have been interested in mushrooms for many years now and finally
obtained a decent microscope, a Swift M3200.  One of my first projects
is to obtain the equipment required to calibrate the microscope, namely
a stage micrometer and an ocular micrometer.  Any leads you, or any
others reading this newsgroup, can provide on where to purchase these
items would be very much appreciated.

Once again, thank you for your reply.

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