Mycology and Microscopes

Jerome Freed jjfreed at
Thu Aug 7 10:25:14 EST 1997

NChSh wrote:
> I obtained a decent microscope, a Swift M3200.  One of my first projects
> is to obtain the equipment required to calibrate the microscope, namely
> a stage micrometer and an ocular micrometer.  Any leads you, or any
> others reading this newsgroup, can provide on where to purchase these
> items would be very much appreciated.

My suggestion would be Edmund Scientific Co, Audubon, New Jersey.  They
sell slides, ocular micrometer disks, stage micrometer. I cannot find my
catalog, someone must have it. But I am sure they are in the 800 number
directory and perhaps on the WWW.

Best of luck.

Jerry Freed

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