Help ID'ing wild mushroom mycelia??

Peter Oei poei at
Tue Aug 12 15:10:04 EST 1997

The second mycelium is growing much too fast for a mycorhizal species. 
This doesn't mean that #1 is the Amanita muscaria; it does mean that #2 
is definitely not A. muscaria. 

Beautiful mushrooms which can be grown easily easily are:
Ganoderma lucidum
Tremella fuciformis

Last year Toolbooks published a completely revised edition of 'Mushroom 
cultivation' with special emphasis on appropriate technologies for 
developing countries. It contains accurate descriptions of how to grow 
both species. It is avaliable at: backhuys at

The two colonies I have observed, look like this:  
>#1) One is a slower growing, pure white material, which appears friable, and 
>not fiberous to the naked eye, growing radially at a rate of roughly 3 mm 
>per day (at about 20 C).  It looks like it's about 1mm (or less) thick.  This 
>is the culture which was the only life form in one of the first three plates.
>#2) The second one is much faster growing, mostly white, with a hint of grey.  
>It is a mat of fine fibers, which has a low density (i.e. most air) thickness
>of about 8 mm.  Many of the fibers tend to be growing vertically, and 
>with a magnifying glass, they appear to look like roots, branching into 
>smaller & smaller fibers.  This mat is growing radially at around 1 cm
>per day.
>I suspect that #1 is the Amanita muscaria mycelia.  I would like to hear from
>anyone who has seen it themselves, and could verify this. 

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