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Please respond directly to Sergio Sanchez-Armass
>             I would like to request your help regarding where to get
information on luminiscent fugi, specially the ones living on decay wood. In
the Mexican Huasteca Area, I found a piece of wood with an amazingly
beautiful green luminiscence. In fact I am not completely sure I am dealing
with a fungus, it could be a bacteria. This organism lives few microns
inside the wood, away from the surface, buy just few microns deep. Deeper
layers of wood do not show lumniscence. Small slides of wood lost the
luminiscence in abount 12 hrs. that's why I think it may behave as a
sincitium (sorry if it is wrongly spelled).
>              I work in the neuroscience field at the cellular level  and I
spend my free time as speleologist.  As I studied my BSc in Biology, I keep
interest in everything I see in caves and around them, but my knowledge on
botany and zoology is quite limited.
>Sergio Sanchez-Armass

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