Bioassay for fungal biomass in soils

Travis Idol travisi at
Wed Aug 13 14:02:09 EST 1997


I'm a grad student interested in ergosterol extraction from soils in 
order to obtain a measure of fungal biomass.  After reading several 
articles, I have hit upon a method I'd like to use, but some of the 
equipment listed in the article is unfamiliar to me.  Specifically, can 
anyone describe to me, if only briefly, the nature of the following 
items.  If you know of a supplier of these items, that information would 
also be much appreciated.

Pressure reaction tubes
Evaporator that can be used to dry samples under N2 gas

The reference for this method is Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 60: 468-471.


Travis Idol

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