Bioassay for fungal biomass in soils

Jessie Micales jmicales at
Fri Aug 15 08:14:05 EST 1997

Travis Idol <travisi at> wrote:

>Specifically, can 
>anyone describe to me, if only briefly, the nature of the following 
>items.  If you know of a supplier of these items, that information would 
>also be much appreciated.
>Pressure reaction tubes
>Evaporator that can be used to dry samples under N2 gas

A sonicator is a device which cracks open cell walls by blasting 
them with shattering sound waves. They are very noisy - you should 
use ear protection when you run them!  I would think that most 
scientific supply houses would carry them (such as Fisher, Thomas, 
SP, etc.)

I assume that the evaporator that is referred to would be similar 
to those used in organic and biochemistry.  You might want to 
check with your chemistry department for more details.

You've got me on pressure reaction tubes though.  Perhaps you can 
call the author of the article?  Most scientists are quite happy 
to answer questions about their work.

Good luck.


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