Mushroom agroforestry

Charles Samuels arktika at
Tue Aug 19 10:11:46 EST 1997

Michael Hagen wrote:

> > I innoculated 3,000 seedlings with mixed truffle spawn last winter,
> and plan
> > to expand mycorrhizal innoculations over the next few years.  On
> some of
> > my north slopes, there's no apparent reason I can't establish a
> timber crop,
> > a mycorrhizal mushroom crop, and a natural ginseng stand on the same
> parcel
> > of ground.

This sounds very interesting.  Where did you get the truffle spawn and
how did you inoculate the trees?

> I have not yet figured out a way to eat Suillus spp.

Well, they are a little slimy but you can peel the skin off the cap and
they are quite acceptable if not worm ridden.

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