Help ID'ing wild mushroom mycelia??

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Wed Aug 20 13:24:24 EST 1997

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   kh123 at BABBAGE.AAR.COM (Kevin) wrote:
>I recently obtained a wild mushroom I wanted to try to isolate on agar.
>I sterilized the outside of a section of the base of the stem, and 
>carefully took three samples and placed them on agar plates.  This was 
>done two days after getting the wild mushroom, which was kept refrigerated 
>during that time.  Several days later, I had three plates - two of which 
>were composed of two life forms, and one which was pure.  I am uncertain 
>which culture is the correct mycelia, and want to describe their appearances, 
>and see if someone else might KNOW which one is the correct one.  I have 
>the "details", and am just giving this quick overview now.  


I am growing up muscaria cultures at present on MNM PDA and RH. Amantia is 
extremely slow growing so if any of your cultures are growing rapidly, it's 
probably contamination. My muscaria cultures are pure white, and sound very 
similar to the first culture you describe. 

If you have any other questions, just ask.

Gina Bosselman

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