How analyze fungi in mycology?

Alan S. Wicks NAP-4 at
Thu Aug 21 14:53:53 EST 1997

Lester Pasarell wrote:

> In our laboratory web site I have several procedures that are used in
> order to
> identify the medical important fungi, buth the procedures could also
> be applied
> to other areas of mycology. the procedures are available in PDF
> format. I also
> keep a small list of links to other places where you will be able to
> find more
> information.
> our url is

I looked at your site and found the Laboratory Procedure manual
interesting reading.

In the section on Culture Media it suggests the use of inhibitory
substances such as chloramphenicol, gentamicin, or cycloheximide.  I was
aware that gentamicin could be added before autoclaving the media and
still retain activity.  Can the same be said chloramphenicol and


Alan S. Wicks

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