How analyze fungi in mycology?

Lester Pasarell lpasarel at FUNGUS.UTMB.EDU
Thu Aug 21 11:11:31 EST 1997

> Other than understanding that mycology is a discipline w/in microbiology
> I know little about how fungi is analyzed.  Can anyone offer basic
> insights as to procedures?  DOes a mycology professional use stereo or
> compound microscopes??	What magnification is required?? Please
> succinctly advise me of applications with microscopes as I am just
> starting out in this scientific specialty.  Thx in advance to all
> responding parties. Sincerely, Mark R :)
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Greetings to all in the mycology newsgroup..I was out for a while on vacation 
and bad case of tonsilitis (darn bacteria (-: ) but now I am back....

Dear Mark
Mycology is very complex, we use a wide variety of techniques to do our work, 
from molecular tools to clasical taxonomic techniques. We use microscopes of 
all types. Media of all type..
In our laboratory web site I have several procedures that are used in order to 
identify the medical important fungi, buth the procedures could also be applied
to other areas of mycology. the procedures are available in PDF format. I also 
keep a small list of links to other places where you will be able to find more 

our url is

hope this information helps!


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