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Funding is anticipated to support a two-year postdoctoral position in
Fungal Genetics in the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of
Kentucky.  Colletotrichum graminicola is an Ascomycete fungus that causes
anthracnose leaf blight and stalk rot of corn.  The stalk rot phase of this
disease is particularly damaging throughout the corn belt.  Our long-term
goal is to identify and characterize fungal genes that play important roles
in allowing C. graminicola to colonize and rot corn pith tissue.  The
project has three main objectives: (1) to develop and characterize an in
vitro bioassay for fungal pathogenicity and aggressiveness utlitizing
detached corn stalk segments; (2) to conduct a traditional genetic analysis
in order to identify, characterize, and map genes that play a role in
fungal pathogenicity and aggressiveness; (3) to perform restriction
enzyme-mediated insertional (REMI) mutagenesis experiments followed by
screening of mutants to identify those with reduced pathogenicity or
aggressiveness to corn pith.  C. graminicola has been fully developed as a
tractable organism for both traditional and molecular genetic
experimentation (Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 1: 113-120;
Phytopathology 81: 530-534; Molecular and General Genetics 235: 74-80;
Experimental Mycology 16: 219-229; Applied and Environmental Microbiology
60: 3890-3893; Experimental Mycology 18: 311-319).

A Ph.D. in Plant Pathology or a related biological science is required.
Applicants with prior research experience in Fungal Genetics will be

The postion is expected to be available by January, 1998.  The anticipated
salary is $25,000 per year, with medical benefits and a travel allowance to
permit attendance at national scientific meetings.  The University of
Kentucky is an equal opportunity employer.

The Department of Plant Pathology has a strong tradition of basic research,
and a committment to fungal genetics and molecular biology, with a
concentration of scientists involved in these areas of study and plenty of
opportunity for cooperation and interaction.  The University of Kentucky is
located in Lexington, in the heart of the beautiful Bluegrass region of
central Kentucky.  Opportunities abound for recreational activities.

For more information or to apply for the position, contact

Dr. L. Vaillancourt
Department of Plant Pathology
University of Kentucky
S-305 Agricultural Science Building-North
Lexington, KY, 40546-0091
telephone: (606) 257-2203
fax: (606) 323-1961
e-mail: vaillan at

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