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> Recently, I had a leak from a water heater. The carpet on the other side
> of it was damp, and mold grew in that area next to the wall.  Along with
> the mold grew something that looked like a spore or some form of
> mushromm.  I have never in my life seen anything grow in carpet.  Has
> anyone else. How can I kiil this growth, and keep it from coming back
> without ruining my carpet?
> Jeri


   I had clients with wet basement and there were many mushrooms growing
out of the carpet.  After one year living in this rental, the wife
developed asthma and the husband developed chronic sinusitis.  As soon as
they realized the connection, they broke their lease and moved out. 
Chronic exposures to spores can be very unhealthy.  The deteriorated
material should all be removed with great caution.  Extent of growth may
be greater than that visible at surface. If you are experiencing any
health symptoms, do not do this work yourself.  In area of growth, if you
have symptoms, wear 3M 8710 (double-strap) particle mask. I have worked
with clients in hundreds of buildings suffering from allergy/asthma
symptoms from mold;  examples of cases at
<>.  See "Couch Potato Astham" articles.

   Mushrooms are great eating but poor breathing!

Jeff May, J. May Home Inspections, Inc.

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