deadly Boletus look-alike in the Sierra?

Charles A. Peavey cpeavey at
Mon Feb 3 19:14:56 EST 1997

John S. Watson - FSC wrote:

> So I was interested in knowing what boletus,
> or look, alike these people could have been eating?
> All my mushrooms books show boletes that can
> cause stomach aches, vomiting and diarrhea,
> but none that can kill you.
> Surely it is not possible to  mistake something like
> Death Caps for boletus?   Since I regularly find Boletus Edulus
> in the Sierra, I'd like to know if there's  a boletus
> out there that might do me in.
> Thanks,
> John
> John S. Watson
> NASA Ames Research Center

in our area. Mendocino county, California, I have been warned recently 
by a mycologist  who teaches a mushroom identification course at the 
local community college, that there is a Boletus edulis look-alike and 
is referred to as Satan`s Bolete, I believe that David Aurora makes 
reference to it in Mushrooms Demystified. I dont have my reference handy 
so can not tell you the species name but the defining characteristic is 
that it stains blue when the stem is bruised or scratched.  I have yet 
to actually see one.

Best regards

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