H2O2 in Agar Medium?

Keith H. klh at ripco.com
Mon Feb 3 21:23:32 EST 1997

I've heard accounts of cultivators using hydrogen peroxide as an additive in 
agar medium to supress the growth of bacteria and mold.  Has anyone on this 
newsgroup any experience with this sort of thing?  What proportions would one 
use (assuming a 3% solution of H202)?  If it's effective against mold con-
tamination, then why wouldn't the presence of H202 inhibit the growth of the 
intended culture as well?  

And, a few more questions:

Wouldn't autoclaving the H202 destroy it? 

Another mycophile suggested that the H202 might have unwanted mutagenic 
effects.  Is this a real concern?    

As a home-based amateur working out of a home-kitchen "laboratory," where 
sterility is hard to maintain, I am interested in any possible means (short of 
installing a laminar hood!) to reduce contamination.  I'd like to clone 
store-bought exotics and experiment with growing them on a variety of 
composted kitchen wastes.  Is H202 a feasible substrate additive as well?

All opinions/information appreciated.

Keith H.


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