Mycelium Growing on Carpophores??

Huge Cajones Remailer nobody at
Tue Feb 4 20:17:50 EST 1997

>Mycelium growing on caps is an indication that the humidity is too low. 
>You're mushrooms are on the edge of failure.

>Anonymous <nobody at REPLAY.COM> wrote in article
><5d2e3m$7tb at>...
>> If carpophores have mycelium growing on the caps, is this an
>> indication that rH is too high or too low??

Really? I figured if anything it would mean the opposite...I mean, if humidity should be
lower for fruiting than for spawn running, then you'd think the "extra" mycelium would
indicate a rH that's too high...

Any other visible signs that a carpophore is getting humidity that's too high or too low??

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