horizontal transfer

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I received these replies with the following refs:

See the following for a discussion of this: B. B. Jarvis and J. D.Miller,
"Natural Products, Complexity, and Evolution," in Recent Advances in
Phytochemistry: Pytochemical Diversity and Redundancy in Ecological
Vol. 30, J. T. Romeo, J. A. Saunders, and P. Barbosa (eds.), Plenum, New
York, NY, pp. 265-293 (1996).

      Also check out recent work by Gary Strobel & taxol biosyn in both
Taxus plants & in their endophytic fungi

There is one paper that describes the transfer of DNA from a plant
host to a myxomycetel pathogen. These are not true fungi but it does
demonstrate the principal. Personally I think the evidence in the
paper is not too good but thats only my opinion. This paper is  entitled:

'Uptake of host DNA by the parasitic fungus Plasmodiophora brassicae'
by Bryngelsson et al. in Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology
1988 volume 33 pp. 163-171.

There is another paper of possible interest. This is an electron
microscopy paper which clearly shows the presence of a chloroplast
within the hypha of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum growing in bean
tissue. This also demonstrates that host-fungus barriers must
sometimes breakdown to allow genetic material to transfer. The
citation for this is.

'A chloroplast and other organelles of Phaseolus vulgaris within
hypha of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum' by O'Connell et al. 1984 New
Phytologist 96, 35-41.

you can have a look at the following ref.:

Vaughn et al., 1995, Journal of Molecular Evolution 41, 563-572.

It concerns horizontal transfer of a transposon between a plant and a
mycorhizal fungus (I know a transposon is not a gene, but...)

In addition to these papers, here are some examples that I have come
across, whether you believe them or not.


Yang et al., 1996  Plant Cell 8: 2139-2150.

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Vaughn et al., 1995 J Mol Evol 41: 563-572.


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