Sterile GLASS Petri Dishes

Peter Herman rpeter at
Thu Feb 6 12:43:47 EST 1997

Having done it both ways, I much prefer dry heat.  Unless you 
drop the vacuum fast,you get condensate on the glass from 
pressure cooker sterilization.

There are several things to think about in choosing glass over 
plastic.  In my lab we use plastic for almost everything because 
it turns out to be cheaper by quite a lot because:

glass dishes cost an arm and a leg

they break easily (especially tops) so you have to buy lots of 
extra tops.  As one of my friends obeserved, you only need so 
many potted plant saucers (which is what we who do plant microbe 
work wind up using excess bottoms for)

They have to be washed very clean before re use.  Even paying a 
minimum wage dish washer it costs me more to use glass.

On the other hand, if you want to grow stuff a long time, glass 
often holds the cultures longer without drying. They use less 
land fill space (but more wash water) than plastic and may be 
cheaper IF you don't count your time in the cost.

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