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> Recently, I had a leak from a water heater. The carpet on the other side
> of it was damp, and mold grew in that area next to the wall.  Along with
> the mold grew something that looked like a spore or some form of
> mushromm.  I have never in my life seen anything grow in carpet.  Has
> anyone else. How can I kiil this growth, and keep it from coming back
> without ruining my carpet?

It depends a lot on what kind of carpet and/or carpet pad you have.  It
may be that the fungus is actually growing in the pad, and the fruiting
body is just poking up through the carpet.  You need to pull up enough
carpet to take a look at the pad.  If the carpet is glued down, it is
either one-piece carpet and pad, or there is no pad.  The fungus may
be growing in the glue, in the carpet, or perhaps the floor under the

After you replace any pad that is rotted, what you use on the carpet depends
on what it is made of.  You need to disinfect the area.  A dilute solution
of plain old household bleach will work fine if the carpet is color fast.
Nylon carpets, for instance, are pretty immune to bleach solutions.  If 
the carpet is dyed and not colorfast, try a solution of Lysol concentrate.

If your carpet has a jute backing, it may already be deteriorated beyond
salvage.  If it starts to come apart while you are pulling it up, plan on
replacing it ASAP.

-- Larry

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